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Quire Integrate with Excel

Quire now integrates better than ever with Microsoft Excel. With our SmartTable technology, you can copy and paste Excel data right into your Quire reports. Smart. Easy.

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Ease Into Better Reporting

Quire, the most powerful technical report writing platform on the market, now integrates seamlessly with ERIS, the only provider of environmental risk data for properties throughout all of North America.

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Quire & Stripe!

Quire now has Stripe integration, so you can pay online with a credit card. Contact your Quire sales representative to see if this option is right for you!

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We’re Delivering a Solution You’ll Want to Open

EXCITING NEWS!  Starting this month, Quire, the most powerful technical report writing platform on the market, will fully integrate with ERIS, the only environmental data provider for all of North America. No Copying and Pasting  /  No Retyping Report Information

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Quire continues to lead the market in innovative feature development that increases productivity for technical report writers and reviewers! Our latest release showcases another such feature: The Report Filter Tool. This Tool allows writers and reviewers to “hide” portions of their

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cSat Collateral Site

cStat Collateral Status – Environmental Site Inspection Field App is the perfect compliment to Bring technology to your Phase I ESA site reconnaissance with Collateral Status (cStat).  Click the link above to learn more. The cStat environmental site inspection application is

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Quire’s Features

Check out our latest video regarding Quire’s features, benefits and latest innovations. What is it? What is it for? How does it help? Your questions are answered!

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Report Sharing Feature

NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT!! Our new “Report Sharing” feature allows our clients to share their technical documents with people outside their company account. Sharing reports is easy and powerful! You control the level of access: from full editing to read only.

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The Quire team is proud to announce our latest innovation: The PCA Toolkit!   There is simply no better way to write a Property Condition Assessment than using Quire’s latest suite of report writing tools. Seamlessly flow between narrative, recommendations and cost tables

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