The new word in technical reports

Write on.

Shouldn’t everyone who writes technical reports be equipped to work with excellence – and without headaches? That’s why we created Quire. It’s the report- writing software that’s simply the right tool for the job.

Just What you Need

Our cloud reporting software is versatile, intuitive, and efficient.
Report writing just got easier.

Writing Tools

Signature features like Report Tags and WordBank populate your most important data automatically. Hate manually tweaking your formatting? You’re preaching to the Quire. Customized coding applies your uncompromising style automatically so your content consistently looks good.

Trust the Process, Work the Flow

Be in the know. Percent complete: tracked. Report milestones: achieved faster. Version control issues: gone. The approval process moves the whole shebang: exponentially faster.

Play Nice With Others

Quire fits with your existing systems like a glove. Stream data straight from third parties. Quire’s mobile app syncs content from the field before you even leave it. Robust APIs put Quire and your internal platforms on speaking terms, automating processes, notifications, and data population. Best friends forever.

Release Your Inner Control Freak

Role-based permissions let you choose who can do what. Templates are centralized, making updates a breeze. Text can be locked so no one goes rogue. Keys to the castle: yours.

One for All & All for You

Our cloud-based technical-report writing software rewards your team, your product, and your bottom line. 


Employees are your most valuable resource. With Quire, our clients realize an average of 30% time savings for their staff over using Word. Increased productivity = increased profit.


Quire's centralized platform makes maintaining templates, enforcing your brand, and grooming content painless. Updates are across the board so no one is out of the loop. Deliverables are consistently do-able.

Quality Control

Quality control is a lock with features such as locked text, user permissions, integrated instructions, and percent complete tracking. The result: fewer boo boos, one beautiful report.

Tried & True

Our customers are our biggest fans!


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