Increasing efficiency with new features.

We’re excited to announce two new great features have been released – Email Attachments and Map Templates – as well as some style updates to our Section links. Email attachments You can now add one or more files and they’ll be included as links at the bottom of your email. Your clients can download the […]

18 new features, 67 bug fixes and 84 updates in 6 months. How is that possible?

Disruption rarely comes from the large established companies. It comes from the fringes by smaller, innovative companies who rely on agility, narrow target markets and a focused product. Quire’s Strength? Continually improving our niche software more quickly than our competitors, using customer feedback as our starting point.  A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates […]

New Feature: Send PDF Links by Email

Your days of copying and pasting PDF links from Quire into a separate email app are over! Unless, of course, you like doing it that way. We won’t tell anyone. Now when you Save a PDF link, you’ll also have the option to send it by email. The feature includes a company email template that […]

Mapping/Drawing Tool Update

The Quire Mapping Tool has just been upgraded with several new features and a whole new interface that should make creating your maps way easier. We now can support custom markers. The upgrade includes a new set of default markers that you can use right out of the box, but if you have specific icons […]

New Feature: Image Report Tags

This is a pretty powerful feature that flew a little under the radar. You know how with report tags you can insert them anywhere you want and only edit the value in one place? Well now you can do that with images! This is great for title pages or other areas where you may include a […]

New Feature: Export Section to Multiple Reports

If you haven’t used the Export Components feature yet… Well, let me tell you: it lets you export sections from one report to another. Pretty powerful, right? But now you can export a section from one report or template to multiple reports/templates. This feature is now so powerful we may start requiring a license to […]

New Feature: One Link for Multiple PDFs

Need to send several PDFs to a client, but don’t want to send a link for each one? You’re in luck! Now you can select several PDFs and create one link for all of them. We’ll use our magic computer machines to compress the PDFs into a single Zip file and give you a link […]

NEW FEATURE: Freddie Mac PCA Template

Quire is PROUD to present our latest feature – a specialized template for those who perform FREDDIE MAC Property Condition Assessments (PCA). Quire’s industry leading, PCA-writing technology creates a seamless writing experience that builds Freddie’s 1105 Form automatically! No more jumping from Word to Excel! If you, or someone you love, writes Freddie Mac PCAs, you […]

NEW FEATURE: Import/Export Tool

Quire is proud to announce a powerful new feature for our clients: the Import/Export Tool!  Export your choice of report sections and files to any other report or template in your account. Quire will automatically align similar sections. You can export content from: Reports to Templates  Templates to Reports Reports made from different Templates Appendices SmartTables […]