How Technology is Changing the Game for Environmental Consulting Firms

Technology has changed so much of our personal lives. Ninety-seven percent of Americans have a smartphone, and about three-quarters of us have Internet access at home. We’ve got apps for everything—from streaming our favorite shows to checking our bank balance to turning down the thermostat when we leave the house. But the same technology that’s […]

Why You Should Analyze Metrics for Your Technical Report Writing Process

Report Analysis

Some decisions are best made spontaneously. Barring any severe allergies, an impulsive trip to get ice cream is always a solid choice. But the decisions you make for your business are rarely spur-of-the-moment.  You wouldn’t hire new people without checking their backgrounds, and you wouldn’t make a sale without wrapping your head around profit margins. […]

How to Price Phase I ESAs Competitively (Without Sacrificing Quality)

For most environmental firms, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments need to be offered on the menu. These popular reports are often a foot in the door to new clients and future revenue. Unfortunately, firms face a lot of competition in bidding for Phase I ESAs, which keeps prices at or lower than production costs for […]

10 Tips from Ten Years of Technical Report Writing Innovation

Ten years ago, after a career spent writing technical reports, I decided to start Quire—the now-game-changing report writing platform. Back then, people like me didn’t have a tool that would free up time from report writing tedium so we could focus on the things we were really passionate about.  There had to be an easier […]

Adventures in Report Writing

We hear from users all the time with feedback on how they’re using Quire, suggestions for new features, or sometimes just a funny story. This one, about how voice recognition doesn’t always get what you’re saying, comes from Mike C: So my funny story for the day regarding the Quire (mobile) app is that two […]