Tip: Top Ten Quire Game Changers to Outpace the Competition!

Join us as we showcase the top 10 Quire productivity hacks that are proven game-changers for individuals and companies expanding their footprint in Quire and across the AEC Industry. Includes:– A sneak peek at the highly anticipated new Quire Dashboard– How Quire’s Analytics can be leveraged to improve your game– Exploration of tried and true […]

Tip: SmartTables Can Handle Hundreds of Formulas!

Quire Formula Cells offer more than 300 formula options for processing and presenting your table data! View all available standard formatting options, or enter familiar syntax such as “=(A1*B1)” in your Template, and let Quire do the calculation for you! Learn about Quire Formula cells in this Article, or watch our Deep Dive training video.

Tip: Create PDFs of Selected Sections

You don’t have to PDF the whole Report! You can create PDFs of Report Sections you select in Quire using checkboxes and the Export button. This Help Article provides instructions.

VIDEO: ESA Benchmark Q&A with Quire CEO

Quire ESA Benchmark Report Video

Quire CEO Kelly Stratton speaks on Environmental Site Assessment reports and the most frequently asked questions about Quire’s Phase I ESA Benchmark Report Guide

Tip: Ctrl+Shift+V = Paste Without Formatting

Tip: Ctrl+Shift+V = Paste Without Formatting If you copy content from another source into your Quire Report, use Ctrl+Shift+V (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+V (Mac) to paste it. This prevents unwanted formatting from being pasted into your Quire Report. You can also use the Remove Format button on Quire’s text editing toolbar to remove formatting after text […]