5 Signs You Should Invest in Technical Report Software

Change can be tough. That’s part of why so many of us find joy in throwback activities like collecting vinyl records or sewing clothes at home. But there’s nothing nostalgic about inefficient, outdated processes when new tools can relieve so many of the common pain points. Are you ready to ditch the old ways of […]

How to Accelerate Your Report Writing from the Field

Environmental due diligence professionals and report writers are used to multitasking. Reviewing site conditions while looking at a map, logging findings, and taking photographs can be a head spinner, but many of us see it as “just part of the job.” Of course, the status quo isn’t always the best way to do things. Anything […]

Tip: Convert HEIC Files for Use in Quire

If your photos are stored as HEIC files, you can convert them to .jpg or .png for use in Quire! Learn how to convert HEIC Files for use in Quire. Learn how to change your device’s image storage settings.