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Collaborate Better with Quire’s Technical Report Management™ (TRM™) Platform

Collaboration is key to developing high-quality technical reports and proposals, but it can also be one of the most challenging aspects of the process. That’s where Quire’s Technical Report Management (TRM) platform comes in.

Most report deliverables involve at least four people—sometimes more. Every handoff of the baton is a potential delay, and every extra hand in the process is a possible mistake. Quire TRM streamlines collaboration, keeping your report and proposal development process moving along the most efficient route to completion. Define workflow milestones, set automated alerts, pin documents to a shared dashboard—whatever it takes to keep the work flowing uninterrupted.

Our platform makes it easy to collaborate on reports, no matter how many people are involved or where they’re located. With real-time commenting and markup, you can get feedback and make changes on the fly. And with our automated workflows, you can ensure that everyone is always working on the latest version of the report.

Quire TRM also makes it easy to manage permissions and roles, so you can control who has access to what and when. It can take a village to get report deliverables out the door. Quire TRM gets the whole group collaborating efficiently, in real time—report writers, reviewers, those in the field or office, staff or contractors. Your report review and approval process just runs like a top.

With no obstacles in your way, you’ll develop and deliver high-quality reports on time, with less labor. Your talent will shine, your teams will thrive, and your quality will be off the charts. Don’t let collaboration hold you back from developing high-quality technical reports. With Quire TRM, you can collaborate better and get the job done faster.

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