Customer Stories: Quire moves the needle for pm-mx

As a due diligence services firm, PM-MX is committed to delivering consistent excellence and the highest quality reports every single time. Now, Quire helps them deliver on that promise.

The challenge: Time is money

PM-MX prides itself on its expertise, efficiency, and a technology focus that moves the due diligence and capital planning processes forward. As part of the firm’s emphasis on tech, it is always on the hunt for technology solutions that move the needle on client projects and put PM-MX top of mind for future projects. 

When it came to PCA reports, however, the process of writing, formatting, and editing PCA reports hasn’t always been efficient. No matter how optimized the template was, the team often spent hours correcting issues with final outputs—with image format corrections being particularly time-consuming.

After trying out another software solution, PM-MX found it wasn’t designed as efficiently as they wished, nor did it produce satisfactorily stylized reports. Thankfully, they took another leap with Quire, and it’s made all the difference.

The solution: Technology that moves the needle.

After PM-MX switched to Quire, they never looked back. “We were spending a ton of time adjusting report formatting and images,” says Laura Ortiz, COO at PM-MX. “But Quire offers a lot of formatting flexibility and looks way more professional.”

The team uses with Templates and Features that make it radically easier and faster to deliver PCA reports. The Toolkit includes the ability to automatically build cost tables in one app, removing the frustration of coordinating costs between applications. Along with using Quire’s Templates, they’ve created their own Templates for other Reports, using Features like WordBank and Report Tags to easily populate documents with frequently used language and salient data points. And the team loves that they can use Quire’s Mobile App out in the field to take, map, caption, and sort photographs.

All in all, Quire Templates have been widely accepted by banks, and the switch has been exactly what the team needed from a technology provider. But perhaps what PM-MX finds most impressive is the team they work with at Quire:

“We are incredibly happy with the partnership; customer support is very accommodating and helpful. Elizabeth (our Account Manager) is always around to listen and will do anything to help us. Whether you’re calm or your hair is on fire, Quire always responds with kindness and delivers what’s needed.”

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