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How Quire’s New Freddie Mac 1104 Toolkit Make SBL Reports a Breeze

What if we said you could generate Small Balance Loan (SBL) Physical Risk Reports without a spreadsheet? No, we’re not crazy. Quire’s new streamlined and user-friendly Freddie Mac 1104 Toolkit saves countless hours, reduces duplicate data entry, eliminates errors, and generates Freddie Mac-compliant deliverables—all without Excel.

Our experience as technical report writers, including years of frustration with Freddie Mac SBL Physical Risk Reports, has helped us develop this solution to maximize report writing and reviewing efficiencies for consultants like you.

Here’s how it works:

Populate data automatically.

Quire’s new Freddie Mac 1104 Toolkit uses all of our signature features, including Report Tags and WordBank to populate your most important data points automatically.

Report tags hold salient data that is repeated throughout your forms. You can populate them within a Quire Report or out in the field with the Quire Mobile App.

Your 1104 template can be customized and prepopulated with your standardized paragraphs, which can then be inserted automatically using Quire’s WordBank. WordBank speeds up the report writing process by giving your report writers any of your preapproved wording options.

Report writers are given clear expectations for desired content which leads to consistency in your deliverable.

Eliminate errors.

Cost recommendations can be customized to your template and added with ease. Report writers can simply add your company-specific 1104 costs with the Quire Cost Recommendation Builder. From there, the description associated with the comments field will populate sections 3 and 5 of the 1104 deliverable.

Quire will automatically analyze your costs and provide the appropriate selections to all of the section 3 dropdowns, saving considerable time and eliminating errors

Collaborate without compromise.

Collaboration is key to your Freddie Mac 1104 success. Quire makes real-time collaboration easy by eliminating the need to pass an Excel spreadsheet between users (which creates out-of-sync versions that can easily be overwritten).

Sign off with success.

The most common pain point in the review process of the Freddie Mac Excel 1104 form comes from the difficulty associated with inserting signatures.

With Quire’s signature-enabled Report Tags, your signatures will stay assigned to your report throughout the reviewing and revision process. Automatically insert signatures with the click of a button as you move through your workflow status.

Make clients happy in record time.

As always, updates and revisions are fast and painless with Quire. If a client requests an update in the eleventh hour, you can make your changes in seconds. From there, you become the hero of the day when you regenerate your PDF file from Quire in a single click.

Save considerable time, reduce errors, manage signatures with ease, and enter critical data on-site with the 1104 Toolkit.

Contact us to see how easy it is to get started.

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