Work smarter.

Quire’s industry-leading, PCA Report-writing technology creates a seamless experience that automatically builds Freddie Mac’s 1104 Form!

It's the game changer you were waiting for

Quire’s new Freddie Mac 1104 Toolkit gives you everything you need (and then some!) to make Small Balance Loan Physical Risk Reports feel like a breeze – rather than a tornado.

  • No Excel files needed
  • Save countless hours
  • Eliminate pain points
CSL Elizabeth Seeger

At your service

Once you purchase the 1104 Toolkit, you’ll receive a one-hour session with Quire’s Client Success Lead, Elizabeth Seeger, where she’ll guide you through Template setup and training. She’ll show you how you can:

  • Utilize WordBank and SmartTables to populate fields
  • Enter critical data while on-site
  • Manage signatures with ease

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