From a Volatile 2023 to a Promising 2024

2024 Q1 MarketWatch

For years, Quire has analyzed tens of thousands of Reports from dozens of market lines generated all around the world. As Quire works to provide productivity-enhancing solutions for Clients, we’re fully embedded in Technical Report Writing, enriching our understanding of the industry and our Clients’ workflows. We’ve created MarketWatch as a way to share industry trends and insightful takeaways with report-writing professionals both in and outside the Quire solution.

Our Annual Survey Uncovers Challenges and Opportunities

Quire isn’t just a technical report writing technology company. We’re the trusted partner that helps our clients run the most important part of their business. So, we make it our business to understand what’s happening in your world and how we can help you achieve your goals.

To get a sense of what our clients experienced in 2023 and what they’re expecting for 2024, we recently conducted an annual survey of both our Quire customer and contractor communities.

Our e-survey targeted senior leaders in these organizations such as CEOs, COOs, Owners as well as service line leaders and had over 200 respondents who rely on our Technical Report Management (TRM™) platform. Download the MarketWatch to learn:

  • What was business like for our clients in 2023?
  • What’s their outlook for 2024?
  • What challenges and opportunities will most impact their business?

Download the MarketWatch

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