Increasing efficiency with new features.

We’re excited to announce two new great features have been released – Email Attachments and Map Templates – as well as some style updates to our Section links.

Email attachments

You can now add one or more files and they’ll be included as links at the bottom of your email. Your clients can download the attachments using those links for 30 days (same as PDF report links) and because the files are not actually “attached” to the email, you don’t have to worry about file sizes or spam filters.


Map Templates (BETA)

This new addition to our mapping tool is a big time saver and will also allow you to make your maps consistent across your entire company. Map Templates allow you to define the title and description of your map, build a legend and set your drawing tool preferences (colors, fonts, markers, etc) and save it all as a reusable template.


Up next: New, Improved Freddie Mac Templates and a new Report Tag / Template Matrix view.  We appreciate your feeback!

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