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Technical Report Software for Accounting Reports


Quickly build Reports that are clear, consistent, and compliant.


Accounting Reports tell the story of a company, its investments and operating costs, profits, and financial outlook. And your accounting reports are scrutinized by many stakeholders – investors, board members, clients, the press, and the communities you serve.

For accounting teams like yours, the Reports keep coming. Quarter after quarter, and transaction after transaction. And off-the-shelf software products, such as Word™ and Excel, are simply not designed for the task.

Fortunately, there’s Quire. Our technical report writing solution lets you build streamlined report templates that make it simple and painless to populate data and organize reports.

Save 75% in Accounting Report Creation Times.

With Quire, you can leverage and customize predesigned templates that are built just for the accounting industry. No more messing with formatting or pulling employees offline to key in data. Quire allows your team to quickly and easily enter the right data and insights, in the right format, for the accounting reports you use the most.

Best of all, you’ll have stronger, more compelling reports to study, file, share, and show off. And more time to spend on what you do best: running a profitable business (and getting through tax season!).

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No more updating old, stale reports. Or wrestling with Word™ and Excel™ to get tables and discussions formatted and aligned properly. Quire helps you build customizable sections and templates tailored for the accounting industry. You arrange, write, and fine-tune the templates; Quire maintains all the styling and branding elements that make your reports your own. Quire Users who work in accounting reports particularly take advantage of these three features. You can view more of Quire’s unique capabilities on our Plans page.


Word™ wasn’t built to log and display volumes of financial data collected from various sources. Import data directly into SmartTables in the body of your report with Quire for a clear, precise snapshot of your financial data.


With Quire's WordBank Feature, you can create and store commonly used sets of wording, and writers can drop them in wherever they are needed. No more inconsistent terminology to confuse your readers and muddy your message.

Report Tags

Import data into a single location and watch it populate throughout your report. That way, your team can spend more time on insights and less on data entry.


Here’s why accounting firms can’t get enough of Quire.

Boost your productivity even more with Quire’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, packed with features to accelerate your process and track your progress, including:

  • Secure, cloud-based reporting software that scales as you grow
  • Insights on industry benchmarks to compare your efficiency to that of other firms
  • Faster and better reporting processes to make you more profitable
  • Complete, centralized template control – create, update, and manage your own templates in one secure place
  • Locked text, one-click document assembly, and automated formatting for on-point content and branding every time
  • Tracking of performance metrics such as % Complete, editing time by User, workflow status duration, and more

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