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Monitor, assess, and document—in one place (finally).

With new technologies and endless market pressures, the construction industry seems to be changing fast—but with Quire, you can move faster. Our Technical Report Writing Solution lets you build streamlined Report Templates that make it simple and painless to build-off previous Reports, build checklists, populate data, and get the right output every time.

Just some of the custom report types our customers create:

The info you need in the format you need it.

It’s that simple. No more switching back and forth between Microsoft Word™ and Excel to get the right format. The ability to build tables, quickly populate data from the field, and put it all into a company-approved (or bank-approved) format—these Features should come standard so you can focus on more important things than paperwork.

With Quire, it’s simple to develop Templates or clone previous Reports to have the correct format ready to go. Whether you’re building monthly, weekly, or daily Project Status Reports (PSRs), conducting monthly draws for your client, or performing a cost risk analysis, we’ve got all the tools you need baked into our software.

Game-changing Features for Construction Reports

Word processors just aren’t built for robust reporting for construction project management. Quire is. Program managers, general contractors, project managers, and cost consultants use these Quire Features to make the process seamless.

SmartTables and Formulas

Calculate costs with Quire's robust formula generator and build tables into your Report to display data where it makes the most sense (not tucked away as an afterthought). 

Mobile App

Whether you're scanning critical documents, using a simple built-in checklist, or manually entering data all from the field, Quire's mobile app simplifies daily, weekly, or monthly draws.

Report Workflow Management 

Build in approval processes and easily collaborate with anyone who needs to be in-the-know.

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Here’s why firms can’t get enough of Quire.

One app to rule them all.

Say goodbye to those hours spent coordinating between Word™ and Excel. Quire’s intuitive Features and smart Templates mean you’ll never go back to the old ways.

Display data in-line with text.​

You’ve got photos, exhibits, and repositories of information relegated to the Appendix—but this information is crucial to your Report. With Quire, keep data within the text and easily duplicate it when needed again.

Spend time on what matters.​

You’ve got more important things to do than worry about how Reports look, editing for spelling or grammar, and making sure data populates in the right places. Leave it to Quire.​

Tried & True

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