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A better way to show energy usage, compliance, and progress.


As an energy services consultant, you may tasked with monitoring each customers’ energy usage to help them keep their costs and carbon footprint in check. While these custom benchmarking reports are highly effective, they are distributed by the thousands several times a year– an arduous task that must be processed through your systems by an already overtaxed staff.

Let your energy experts be experts. Quire will take care of the rest.

Quire Reports are easily configured and enhanced with specialized tables, images, charts, and graphs to drive home your key messages and place important energy usage metrics front and center for customers to review.

Our team helps you build and re-create your templates in Quire, even adding in optimization along the way to meet your business goals. That way, you never have to question efficiency.

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With Quire, you can keep the format of your reports fresh, improve consistency across reports, and control levels of access for report contributors. Quire works closely with your team to develop energy report templates to be used across service lines.  With Quire, you get:


Word™ wasn’t built to log and display volumes of data collected across disparate sources. Quire SmartTables streamline data entry, perform calculations, and create a clear, precise snapshot for your energy reports.


Check your report writing and editing times against industry averages to make sure your teams are keeping pace.

Report Tags

Place data into a single location and watch it populate consistently throughout your report- even from the field! This eliminates administrative work, so your SMEs can do what they do best.


Here’s why energy firms can’t get enough of Quire.

One app to rule them all.

Gone are the days spent wrestling with Word™ and Excel™. Quire’s intuitive Features and smart Templates mean you’ve got all the functionality you need right at your fingertips.

Your work flows.

You always know where your Reports stand when they’re written in Quire. That’s because Quire makes it easy to compare metrics against the competition – and track progress/milestones over time.

Drive efficiencies.

Bring in all the data customers value and regulators require, and let Quire do the rest, automated formatting and one-click report assembly!

Tried & True

Our customers are our biggest fans!

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