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Facilities Management professionals have their work cut out for them. With the demands of optimizing building performance, staying compliant with evolving regulations, and meeting sustainability goals, it’s not a job for the faint of heart. So when they hire experts to handle their technical reports, they want assurance that you’ll get it done right and fast—no matter how much volume they throw at you.

Quire to the rescue!

We know Facilities Management.  

Quire understands how important technical reports are to Facilities Management professionals, building owners, and the investors that back property deals.

  • Climate change concerns are driving new and fast-changing environmental standards and regulations.

  • High inflation is making facilities cost containment a bigger challenge and a higher priority.  
  • A volatile real estate market is creating pressure to respond fast when new opportunities come up.

Whether your clients are doing a property review to plan for upcoming capital expenses, taking inventory of critical building infrastructure components across a large portfolio, assessing the environmental risks of a distressed property they’re considering buying, or evaluating a building before entering into a lease, they look to you for fast, accurate Technical Reports. Enter Quire…

The Quire Technical Report Writing Platform provides all the tools you need to generate any Facilities Management Report quickly and efficiently.

Facilities Report Templates? We’ve got them.  

Our team has walked a mile in your shoes. In our former lives, we visited sites and generated many Facilities Management Documents. And we leveraged that experience in building the Quire Platform, ensuring you have access to all the tools you need to write Facilities-related Reports efficiently.

The Quire Report Writing Platform allows you to build and customize Templates for Facilities Management Reports including (but not limited to):

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Quire knows what you’re up against when you have a backlog of Facilities Management Reports on your plate. (Been there, done that.) And we know you can’t afford to waste time doing manual work that slows the process and introduces errors. So, we’ve built in all the Features and functionality you need for faster, simpler Facilities Management Report writing, including:

The Quire Mobile App

Makes field data collection much quicker and easier, giving you the power to edit Reports right in the app, while you're on site.

Drawing Tools and Photo Appendices

Allows you to pull in and annotate all those photos you took in the field

Mapping Tool

Simplifies the mapping of many different Facility locations, allowing you to add text boxes, draw polygons, insert markers, and highlight key information

Report Tags

Report Tags make it easy to cross-check data across Reports - compare them for quick and easy updates, keeping your data consistent.

Collaboration Tools

No matter how many people are involved in the process, your report writing will never get bogged down or have version control issues


Smart capital planning is critical for any Facility, but it can be complicated and cumbersome to build the necessary Reports…until you use the Quire Capital Reserves Cost Table! The Cost Table auto-populates sections of a Facility Condition Assessment or Property Condition Report as you write it, and the appearance can be formatted to your specs. It’s the fast, efficient way to build Reports that help your clients track how they’re allocating and distributing reserves for each Facility, based on accurate information about planned expenditures.

Creating Reports for a large portfolio of properties? You need the Quire Portfolio Toolkit! Facilities management consultants lean on our Toolkit to capture and edit data points across many facilities or export portfolio-level data to Excel. Forget about making the same change over and over…just make it once in your Template and Quire does the rest—automatically populating the same data across every other relevant Report.

Save more time with our Portfolio Toolkit.

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