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Geotechnical Reports just got easier.

You’ve got the weight of a whole building on your shoulders. Report formatting shouldn’t be another burden to bear. Our Technical Report Writing Solution lets you build streamlined Report Templates that make it simple and painless to populate data, organize Reports, and get the right output every time.

Write clearer Reports with less effort.

Engineers have more important things to do than worry about the way a Report looks and reads—but it’s an essential part of the job. Geotechnical Reports should be clear, well-organized, and written to your company’s standards, taking up a significant chunk of your time (especially in Word™).

Microsoft Word™ just isn’t built to display your data with ease. Quire is. With our Report Writing Platform, it’s simple to develop Templates that can be populated and edited in a snap. Instead of switching between Word™ and Excel and stuffing data into an appendix, our customizable Templates allow you to add tables directly into the body of the Report, wowing your company or client by putting the most pertinent soil information on display.

Game-changing Features for Geotechnical Reports

No more copying old reports and rewriting sections one by one. Quire starts you off with a blank slate of customizable Sections, so your Templates are easily arranged, written, and fine-tuned while maintaining the styling your company expects. Plus:



Build tables into your Report and display the data where it makes the most sense (not tucked away as an afterthought).


You may not collect samples the same way every time, but there are only so many ways to word your collection techniques within a Report. With WordBank, commonly used phrases are at your fingertips.

Dropdown Values

Dropdown options make it easy to select specific soil categories and more from a set (and editable) list.

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Here’s why firms can’t get enough of Quire.

One app to rule them all.

Say goodbye to those hours spent coordinating between Word™ and Excel. Quire’s intuitive Features and smart Templates mean you’ll never go back to the old ways.

Spend time on what matters.

Building and formatting Cost Tables and Cost Recommendations doesn’t have to cost you unexpected time and money. 

Cut out the copy-paste.

With the ability to hide and unhide sections, you can build out your Template with every possible scenario and hide what doesn’t apply. That means no more hunting down that perfectly-worded report you wrote three years ago.

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