Measure and Improve Your Technical Report Management Process with Quire’s TRM™ Platform

Are you tired of guessing about the efficiency and effectiveness of your technical report management process? With Quire’s Technical Report Management™ (TRM™) platform, you don’t have to. Our platform provides data and insights to measure and improve your process, with real-time analytics and reporting to see your performance and identify areas for improvement.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Get the only TRM platform that equips you to do both. Measure and benchmark your entire report and proposal development-to-delivery process, driving better business performance. Improve efficiency and profitability with Quire Analytics—the only tool for accurate data about your report management process, gaining actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Say goodbye to anecdotal data and gut instinct. Quire Analytics tells you exactly what you need to improve deliverable management—from the 10,000-foot view to nitty-gritty details. Look at broad trends like deliverable volume by service line or average editing time. Or drill down into data by report type, component, product line, user, or even a specific section!

Your dashboard is your window into the entire process, showing what’s working, what needs improvement, and how to get it done better. Get answers to critical questions like team editing time, contributor time per report part, average turnaround time, hours lost to bottlenecks, and how you stack up to peers.

Quire delivers the metrics that matter:

  • Deliverable metrics: Editing time by section, user, template, and status
  • Monthly metrics: Aggregated data by service line, resource, report type.
  • Business metrics: Configure a custom dashboard to measure what’s important, spotting trends across portfolios, service lines, or templates.
  • Industry benchmarks: See how your firm matches the Quire community on report writing time, workflow, and other KPIs.

Don’t let lack of insights hold you back. With Quire TRM, measure and improve performance to take your business to the next level.

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