Nova Consulting adopts Quire as their report writing platform

Quire is proud to announce our newest client, Nova Consulting, an international multidisciplinary consulting firm providing services in the areas of environmental management, compliance investigation service, and corrective action activities.

Recognizing the need to produce higher quality, consistent, and efficient reports and portfolios in an ever-evolving technological landscape, Nova choose Quire as their technical report writing platform after an exhaustive search.

Robert Hird, Chief Operating Officer of Nova Consulting group recently published this announcement:

Nova Consulting Announces New Partnership with Quire

“As we move into the new year, Nova remains committed to continually improving our services to our clients. We recognize that the global real estate industry is evolving and that we must learn to utilize today’s technology for higher quality reports on the faster delivery schedules with which we are often faced. After extensive research, Nova has decided to team with Quire, a state-of-the-art report authoring software platform. This partnership will enhance Nova’s report writing and data collection capabilities.

By implementing Quire, we are now able to upload information instantaneously from the field, thus providing a more collaborative workspace in which real-time data is shared between assessors and senior review staff. This secure online system saves data automatically, preventing information loss during the report writing process. In addition, Quire allows us to cross-reference salient information between various reports, such as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Property Condition Assessments, assuring consistency between documents.

The move to this technology will make Nova’s portfolio management much more efficient. By allowing us to make individual changes that can be implemented throughout a portfolio, it will significantly reduce the number of manual changes, thus reducing the margin for human error. We are excited to announce this partnership to our clients, as it will result in faster, more accurate deliverables and ultimately improve the way in which we serve you.

Nova has spent the last three months streamlining, updating, and improving our base report templates in preparation of the 2018 rollout of the platform. We invite you to reach out to your Nova contact with any questions and are very confident that these advancements will better allow us to provide the high quality and responsive services on which our clients depend.”

Robert Hird
Chief Operating Officer
Nova Consulting Group, Inc.

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