Now Available: A Template Optimization Guide for More Efficient Report Creation

Quire Templates lay the foundation for time savings (and money savings!) when writing and reviewing Reports in Quire. Consider this: when was the last time you re-visited your Template setup? Or maybe you’re developing a Template for the very first time and want to get it right. Our newly released Template Optimization Guide will help strengthen your Templates for more efficient Reports and a better, faster experience for your writers and reviewers.

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Why did we create the Template Optimization Guide? 

The Quire Platform provides unique insight into Report-writing time savings. Many of our team members have been in your shoes (yes, you, Report-writer). When you consider that some of our Clients have created thousands of Reports from just one Template, a minute wasted on each one could mean dozens (or even hundreds) of hours lost. We created this Guide so our Clients can invest in future time savings. 

Who is the Template Optimization Guide for? 

This detailed Guide was developed specifically to share how to make the most of Quire’s time-saving tools. Quire Users who work with Templates can use these insider tips and tricks to make incremental, yet impactful improvements to their Report-writing process. 

What’s included in the Template Optimization Guide? 

This guide is most effective when followed in order. We walk the reader through each critical step of Template Optimization (from Template creation to formatting and presentation). There are sections for:

  • Getting Started: insider tips from the Template creators themselves. How to begin setup, apply the appropriate Settings, enable Styles, and more. 
  • Organization: instructions for the best use of Quire Features like Project Summary Tables, Image Sections, Appendices, and a few additional organizational strategies to boot. 
  • Content & Files: best practices for Report Tags, color-coding text, WordBank usage, Locked Text, Instruction Sections, and SmartTables.
  • Formatting and Presentation: commonly overlooked formatting optimizations and detailed strategies for data presentation. 

Why should I download the Template Optimization Guide? 

Report Templates are where it all begins: time savings, efficiency improvements, headache-free Report-writing environments…you name it. Our Template Optimization Guide takes a “one-percent better” approach to Report writing. You might save one minute now, but consider those time savings extrapolated across thousands of Reports, Clients, Service Lines, and years. 

Your investment in future time and cost savings begins now. 

Download the Template Optimization Guide 

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