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Customer Stories: Onboarding for Better Efficiency (and happier people)

After a seamless onboarding experience with Quire, one large environmental consulting group believes choosing this report writing solution is a no-brainer—and its people are hooked.

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The Challenge: Change is hard

The transition: Onboarding

When we began working with his new firm, the Sr. Project Management Director was able to onboard with our rockstar Client Success Lead for the second time in his career. (Most of our people come from a consulting background; the two had worked together in a past life at an environmental consultancy.)

The Quire team always helps new clients build out their first Template and populate their WordBank Library. Representatives from the firm say the experience exceeded expectations.  Senior Account Manager, Liz Hansen, was a key pillar of support for the whole team:

“It’s always easier to onboard to a new tool when every part of the process has a purpose and a point. Liz and the Quire team were well organized, and they always went at our pace. If we needed something repeated or wanted to train on something twice, they were willing and available. All in all, I found everyone I worked with to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

Although today they are no longer Quire newbies, the firm continues to get the support they need, whether through our chat feature or our curated training and support materials.

“Liz is always willing to help, but I try not to bother her too much. I usually try to go through the Quire chat feature first. I love the chat feature and the staff does too; they know someone can answer their question in a snap.

We just brought someone on a few months ago who had never used Quire. After some initial explanation, I set her up with some videos, and she’s already a pro. It’s structured intuitively and it was easy for me to point her in the direction of which help articles and videos would be most helpful in her role.”

The results: A stronger, more efficient workforce

One of the leading environmental consulting firms, our Client began onboarding with Quire in the summer of 2021. But the Senior Project Management Director in the company’s Environmental Services group has a slightly longer history with Quire’s report writing platform. Back in 2018, he and his previous firm struggled with an all-too-common issue: environmental reports took way too long. The core team had used the same templates—created and managed in Microsoft Word—since 1993. Now, it was time for a change.

They compared several options to replace the old standby, from a Quire competitor to just re-optimizing existing templates. After all, change is tough when you’ve used the same processes for decades.

But on every level of efficiency the company needed, Quire won out. It was easier to make changes to a Report on the fly, and it was simple to collaborate with people in the field. Besides, as our point-of-contact would confirm in his new role, more and more employees and field subcontractors prefer Quire over any other solution.

These Templates are a game-changer, even to those with decades of experience in the traditional way of doing things. Our client is an enthusiastic convert himself: Today, the company uses four different Quire Templates, and they’re moving more items into Quire’s WordBank Library all the time. The team loves using SmartTables, photo uploading features, built-in mapping, and the fact that you can fill in Report Tags right from the field. These Templates are a game-changer, even to those with decades of experience in the traditional way of doing things. Our client is an enthusiastic convert himself:

"I'd rate Quire a 10/10"

The firm is even noticing a shift in subcontractor and employee preferences:

"More and more employees who use Quire tell us they wouldn't use anything else."

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