Quire Launches QuireSight Analytics: Empowering Companies to Make Strategic, Data-Based Decisions About the Report Writing Function 

Quire, a leading provider of cloud-based technical report writing software, has announced the launch of QuireSight Analytics. Housed within the Quire platform, QuireSight Analytics revolutionizes how businesses analyze data about their report writing and empowers them to optimize this mission-critical function for greater profitability.   

For over a decade, the Quire platform has improved technical report writing efficiency and productivity for organizations that develop complex reports, through a data-agnostic platform that equips end users to work smarter and faster. Complementing this powerful tool is a team of experienced technical advisors who help businesses improve their report writing processes—from writing, editing, and styling, through the approval process.

“We’ve positioned Quire as the #1 Technical Report Writing platform by tirelessly innovating our product,” said Kelly L. Stratton, Quire CEO and founder. “Precise data analytics and business intelligence metrics rarely informed our clients’ report writing processes so we sought to change that with QuireSight.” By providing companies with an invaluable view into how their Users are employing the Quire Report Writing Platform, this new data visualization tool equips them to make more informed decisions about allocating or adding report writing resources, removing bottlenecks, and streamlining workflow.

Among its many flexible capabilities, QuireSight Analytics provides visibility into Report volumes parsed by business segment, status, and unique company identifiers. QuireSight also provides deep-dives into active editing times by Report, Report Component, and Report Status; the number of Reports and total editing time by User. “But our Clients wanted more than just fancy charts, they wanted actionable information,” Stratton said. “So our team developed Template Performance datasets that measure how our clients’ specific product lines are performing in areas like average editing time and turn around time. Our clients now know what is happening in their service lines, why it’s happening, and how to make changes that meet their business goals.”  

Presenting QuireSight to customers tends to underscore notions about their business they only had a feeling about, but it also reveals some surprises. “It’s great to watch Client’s wheels turning as they see their data for the first time – especially since no other platform has anything like this,” said Alex Guenther, Quire Data Engineer. “There’s a lot of head-nodding and wide-eyes as we go through each tab. I love seeing our Users’ reactions to what Quire has made possible.”

More innovations are planned in the coming weeks, particularly around portfolio performance and geographical heatmaps. “We built QuireSight and our supporting data warehouse to be so scalable and extendable, we can really push the limits to help make our clients supremely competitive in an ultra-competitive market,” Guenther said. “The possibilities are endless.”

To learn how the Quire report writing platform and its new QuireSight Analytics can help improve technical report writing efficiency and productivity, visit https://openquire.com/data-analytics/.

About Quire: Quire is the number one technical report-writing software trusted by thousands of consultants around the globe and across dozens of industry service lines. Quire’s intuitive platform streamlines the report writing process to ensure consistent, high-quality Report deliverables. Our innovative tools help solve existing pain-points, while our staff of industry experts works closely with our Clients to evolve their workflow processes, thus saving hours of time on each report. Additionally, QuireSight analytics reveal valuable insights into our Client’s Report editing times versus industry benchmarks, allowing for data-driven decisions that improve the bottom-line. Find out how Quire is driving the future of technical report writing to meet evolving industry demands by visiting www.openquire.com

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