Discover Quire’s Top User-Praised Features

Have you ever wondered what sets Quire apart in the realm of Report management and collaborative platforms? Our Users have spoken through our periodic satisfaction surveys! Here, we unveil the ten standout Features (In our Report writing tool and on our Platform as a whole) that our community adores, shedding light on the immense power and convenience Quire brings to your workflow.

This selection was assembled from our pulse surveys designed for both new and existing users. These surveys serve the dual purpose of understanding what Clients appreciate most and gathering continuous feedback. This ongoing feedback loop allows us to continually enhance the platform, ensuring it aligns with the evolving needs of our users. Our Features are directly shaped by the invaluable feedback we receive.

Top Report Writing Features:

1. Report Tags

Report Tags aren’t just placeholders; they’re dynamic elements designed to streamline your Reports. These nifty Tags ensure consistent data throughout your document. Tweak it once and watch it update everywhere, maintaining coherence effortlessly. This helps Users significantly reduce errors throughout the entire Report because the data automatically updates for them.

2. WordBank

Crafted for efficiency, WordBank items offer flexibility in text formatting, providing a consistent tone across your Templates and Reports. Easily customizable, they adapt to project-specific needs while maintaining uniformity.

3. Report Assembly/PDF Creation

Generate, construct, and seamlessly export your Reports into polished PDFs, streamlining sharing and distribution. Your company’s branding and style elements are pre-set, eliminating the need for any administrative tasks. Once the PDF is generated, it’s immediately primed for delivery. Have an extremely large Report that you don’t want to download? Once you’ve saved a link, you can copy or email the link, which takes you directly to the Report.

4. Photo/PDF Appendix Management

Quire caters to diverse needs with three Appendix types: PDF, Gallery, and Any. Whether it’s maps, images, or a comprehensive file repository, these Appendices offer organized storage for various file formats.

5. Collaborative Editing Capabilities

Enabling smooth collaboration among multiple Users, Quire fosters real-time teamwork and boosts productivity, minimizing back-and-forth interactions among contributors working on a Report.

Top Platform Writing Features:

1. Template Building Capabilities

Shared Templates foster consistency across companies while allowing owners to retain control, efficiently ensuring standardized Reports.

2. Environmental Data Integration

A crucial functionality that incorporates environmental data, enriching the substance and significance of reports. We seamlessly integrate with all five leading data providers, enabling direct incorporation into your Quire Report.

3. Report Sharing

The enhanced Report Sharing Feature simplifies the process of sharing multiple Reports with authorized Users or Contractors simultaneously. Streamlining collaboration has never been easier.

4. User Permission Roles

Control Access and Permissions within the platform, enabling tailored User privileges for enhanced security and efficiency.

5. Mobile App/Field Data Collection

Harness the power of Quire’s Field Data Collection Mobile App for expanded data-entry capabilities. Available on iOS and Android, it works seamlessly both online and offline. Capture data, photos, field notes, and even scan documents effortlessly.

These Features are the backbone of Quire, ensuring a robust platform for Report creation, collaboration, and data management. Experience the power of these functionalities and transform your workflow today!

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