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Wawa Wins with Quire

Speed, convenience, and consistency are not just the hallmarks of a great convenience store – they’re also essential to a top-notch report-writing platform. That’s why Wawa chose to partner with Quire to help address its environmental reporting challenges.

The Players

The Pain Point: Inconsistent Report Content

Wawa has detailed requirements for its Clean Fill and Phase I submittals. The inconsistency of the documents received from its Vendors caused Wawa’s Report Reviewers to spend unproductive time searching through varying report formats to identify deficiencies, necessitating wasteful iterations to ensure correctness. This fact caused delays, augmented review costs, and resulted in lease extensions that affected the deal’s bottom line.

The Steps Taken

  1. Wawa communicates desired Report Templates to Quire.
  2. Wawa’s Report Reviewer works with Quire to build Templates.
  3. Quire provides the Wawa-approved Templates to all Vendors.
  4. Quire trains Vendors and provides best-in-class ongoing support, as well as access to Quire’s comprehensive Help Library of articles and videos.
  5. Vendor Staff collects data and works collaboratively to enter it into Quire, often streamlining the process with Quire’s Mobile Field App.
  6. Using the approved Wawa Template, Authors from various Wawa Vendors write consistent, complete reports.

The Results and what the Players had to say:

Wawa Reviewers review more reports in less time and deals get closed faster. The main benefit of consultants using Quire is not more reviews in less time. Instead, it is about prompting the required information so that there is less back and forth with the consultants and the developers trying to gather all the missing pieces.

Increase in Report Approvals on First Submission
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Implementing Across the Board

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