We made Quire so you can stress less

Kick Back.

Quire is specifically designed to make your report writing process refreshingly simple. When you use one tool— the right one—you can de-stress about all the tech-y stuff you once had to do, and focus totally on doing your job.

We walked in your shoes: ouch

We started out in environmental consulting. We wrote reports up the wazoo, juggled data, deadlines, headcount, and managed shrinking budgets. We wrestled legal, regulatory, and wrangled company approved language. We were right for the job. The report writing tools not so much.

Word is OK for words but not for long reports packed with tables, appendices, photos, and a gazillion sections. And as you know, it doesn’t play well with other apps.

Writing technical reports used to take heaps of apps that took heaps of work to use. They had to be customized. You constantly needed tech support. The result: #$%^&^%$#!!. Not the calm we all need to carry on.

Women’s Work

Sometimes it takes a woman to get the job done right. Nope, we’re not sexist—far from it. We are a woman-owned biz and proud of it.

Meet our XX Chromosomed Leader

My goal is to empower clients to disrupt convention and evolve their thinking.

– Kelly L. Stratton, Quire CEO & Founder

She’s done time in the field as a civil and environmental engineer. She knows first-hand what it’s like trying to integrate data and details manually at 4 a.m. the day the report’s due. She’s in it to win it—which is why she took out a second mortgage to build Quire.

She didn’t do it alone. There’s an entire team of recovering report writers, engineers and customer services reps that make Quire the game-changing solution that it is.

The Quire Team

Kelly L. Stratton

Founder + President

Chris Connell


Ryan Jansen


Hayden Janssen


Dan McFarland

Head of Design

Elizabeth Seeger

Operations Manager

Luis Villegas

Manager Software Development (PMP)

Jonathan Wildman

VP of New Sales

Liz Hansen

Client Success Manager II

Jennifer Risser

Implementation Specialist II

Alan Biehn

Operations Quality Coordinator

Dave Horn

Back End Developer

Tami VanOmen

Full Stack Developer

Kim Snyder

Client Success Manager

Hetna Stanley Millet

Quality Assurance Analyst

Alex Guenther

Data Engineer

Jimmy Bunty

Implementation Specialist

Luc Moran

Client Success Manager

Danielle Salerno

Implementation Specialist

Jose Carvajal

Front End Developer

Sarah Russo

Implementation Manager

Jim McCloskey

Account Executive

John Cabreira

Account Manager

Matt Hoffenberg

DevOps Engineer

Alia Hagen

Alia Hagen

Client Success Manager

Quire, LLC is officially recognized as a Women Owned Business and a Women Owned Small Business under the Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.204-5. We are registered under the GSA System for Award Management for NAIC 73729906 – Software Pre-Packaged.

You may review our Reps & Certs on the SAM.gov website under CAGE Code 866G5.

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