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Quire’s XML Deliverable Solutions is ready to make all your Fannie Mae and CLOSER™ reports compliant. Quire’s maintenance program for clients guarantees full compliance to Fannie Mae standards, even as they evolve. 

Changing structured data requirements demand XML Deliverables NOW

Fannie Mae is changing the requirements for submitting four Fannie Mae loan application report types. In addition to the traditional report narratives, lenders will be required to submit a new standard data set in an XML format. Fannie Mae will also be accepting .csv files.

This move impacts every firm hired by Fannie Mae DUS® Lenders to inspect commercial properties and submit detailed technical property and environmental reports, including thousands of environmental consulting firms.

These report providers need to move fast:

  • Fannie Mae requirement passed late 2020
  • CLOSER™ continues to require XML data supplements
  • Lenders want their report providers compliant
  • Lenders push for their own custom XML deliverables outside of Fannie Mae and CLOSER™ requirements

Questions about these New Data Standards?

*Quire also provides data in JSON format where required.

The New Data Requirements Can Hurt Report-Provider Productivity

If you are using Word, then the supplemental XML file is a cumbersome add-on. Fannie Mae does offer an Excel sheet for DUS Lenders to use; however, this sheet doubles work – vendor estimates range from 20 to 90 additional minutes per report will be necessary. Most firms will not be able to raise their report fees to cover this additional expense.

There is a better, easier option. When using Quire’s report writing solution, our Users can easily export the supplemental XML file in a few clicks and within about 3 to 5 additional minutes per report. Your outputs are guaranteed to be compliant and the necessary steps are very intuitive.

Complete new Fannie Mae Requirements 75% faster with Quire.





Can your firm really afford to spend another 20-90 minutes completing your Fannie Mae reports?

There is a Simple and Efficient XML Solution

Quire’s Fannie Mae Standard Data Feature

As a flexible, simple, cloud-based technical report writing solution, Quire already standardizes reports across companies. Our Fannie Mae Data Standardization Feature allows you to easily add the XML export capability to any report, including the four report types required.

How it Works

  1. Quire users add the XML capability to any report type
  2. Review all required data points
  3. Export XML file
Tags and mapping can be used to make the process even more seamless and remove duplicate data.

Report Types Enabled

Fannie Mae

Freddie MAC


Key Benefits: Compliant, Simple, Fast
  • Compliant with both Fannie Mae and CLOSER™
  • Simple and fast to learn and use
  • Quick & easy data exporting – making you over 75% more efficient than Word/Excel users

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Get XML Ready, Plus realize all the Benefits of Quire

Data Standardization compliance is just one of Quire’s benefits. Our best-in-class technical report writing solution helps you optimize the data collection, writing, tracking, and management of all your report-writing projects, no matter how many people are collaborating.

  • Increase productivity and improve consistency
  • Collaborate virtually and simultaneously
  • Input data from the field using Quire’s Mobile App
  • Integrate with third-party data providers

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