Tip: Sort SmartTable Columns

When the “Allow column sorting” SmartTable Setting is enabled, you can quickly sort Quire SmartTables by Column, just by clicking the Column Header. Environmental database tables are sortable too! Sorting is retained when you click out of the SmartTable! Learn more about SmartTable Column sorting.

Tip: Quire User Certifications are here!

If you’ve got Quire skills, shouldn’t people know? Quire now offers Certifications to Users who have reached certain milestones in their Quire experience. Learn more about Quire Certifications!

Tip: Phase I ESA Data Demo is Still Available!

You can still catch Quire CEO Kelly Stratton and Account Manager Jennifer Risser presenting data on multiple years of ESA Report-writing volume, turnaround time, and trends in this one-hour live webinar from September 16, 2022. Click here to view the video!

Tip: Paste Captions in Bulk

Want to quickly add similar captions to multiple images or PDF files in a Quire Appendix? Learn how to paste text into multiple Appendix file captions at once!

Tip: Convert HEIC Files for Use in Quire

If your photos are stored as HEIC files, you can convert them to .jpg or .png for use in Quire! Learn how to convert HEIC Files for use in Quire. Learn how to change your device’s image storage settings.

Log4j & Quire: Why Our Clients Can Rest Easy

Log4j is one of several Java libraries used for logging error messages in applications. It is the most prominent security vulnerability on the internet right now and has a severity score of 10 out of 10. The Quire platform does not have the Log4j framework enabled or installed on any of its server instances; therefore, […]

Quire Employees Ride for MS

This past weekend, Quire Team members Betty Stewart and Hayden Janssen participated in the City to Shore 150-mile bike ride to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.