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Make friends with Quire today. It works wonders for technical report writing.

Quire is flexible and consistent. With our modular framework write blocks of text, pile on the files, add photos, automatically format, and compile appendices with ease. Reports have lots of moving parts— and people. Who knew report writing could be so stress free? We did.

All of the Essentials

So what makes a document a “technical report” anyway? Regardless of the subject, technical reports are comprised of a variety of:

Think of these components above as building blocks. Quire let’s you stack, drag, and drop these specialized blocks in any order you want to create the kind of technical report template you need.

—And yes, you can even import Word files. Quire automatically adds the text and title sections, and populates. Building and using templates just got loads less tedious.

Quire gives you a library of re-usable features like Report Tags and WordBank. Want more specialized building blocks? Just add ‘em.

The New Word

Wonder if YOUR template (and reports) could be created in Quire? If you’re currently writing them in Word then the answer is YES! We have already created templates for hundreds of report types. If yours isn’t on the list, it can be.

Ready to report

We get you—and whatever kind of reports your industry creates, We also have a few specialized features for some particularly challenging reports:

Phase I ESA

Quire enables you to easily generate summary tables using content that’s added throughout the report, along with custom fields for reporting the condition of a site feature, and the necessary action to address it. So: No more transcribing, au revoir typos. Quire’s APIs stream environmental regulatory data and PDF files directly into your report.

Asset Management & Property Condition Assessments (e.g., Debt, Equity, Green)

Use our customizable Cost Recommendations Sections. Say ‘bye to MS Excel. Take a break: Quire automatically creates Immediate Repair and Capital Reserve Tables. Boom: consistency from report to report.

Fannie Mae

We’ve created a tool so you can do the 4099 without using Excel. Yeah! It auto populates directly from your report. You can generate Fannie Mae’s required supplemental data package with one-click. You’re so welcome.

Freddie Mac

We transformed the 1105 form into a fast and friendly web based reality. Use Quire’s Freddie Mac Toolkit to auto populate fields, and create Freddie’s required JSON file with one click.

Custom “Project Summary” Tables

Want to sum up key report findings in one table? Done. Give clients what they want: relevant data upfront. Use Quire’s Portfolio Toolkit to export project summary results across 100s of reports and create robust matrices with one-click. You said it.

One size fits all

Want to get on it ASAP? Our pre-made templates get you ready to write reports in minutes and were constructed by industry experts. You can buy a technical report template today for:


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